Submission of Presentations

Guidelines for the preparation and submission of your pre-recorded presentation:

All speakers are requested to prepare in advance a pre-recorded conference/presentation with the following details. The time allowed per presentation will be that already sent by email (

  • The presentation must be elaborated using power point or a similar software.
  • The recorded video file must be in the MP4 format (you can use the free version of Zoom to record it).
  • The resolution should be at least 720p (lower resolutions will be rejected). The quality of your presentation will be revised and approved.
  • Prepare your presentation using the templates available for downloading by clinking on these links: background presentation and the Powerpoint presentation (you can right-click then save link as).
  • Please make sure your live video appears in your presentation as an inset (Zoom has the "show small active speaker video" option while running the a power point presentation).
  • Name your video file as "XXX-Y-surname.mp4". Example 008-3-Smith, 008 is your abstract number, 3 is the conference segment (additive manufacturing), Smith is the surname.
  • The registration procedure must be completed at ( before we can download and revise your recorded presentation file.

Presentation submission format

* Obligatory field

Number of abstract / paper assigned: *
E-mail: *
Please indicate the email used during the registration of the referred abstract

Presentation video URL *
Powerpoint Presentation URL *

Alternative E-mail *

In order to facilitate (or avoid difficulties) your access to the on-line transmission of the events, please provide an alternative e-mail address different to that used during your registration, e.g.: @outlook , @hotmail, @gmail,, @yahoo, or any other commercial service.

If you registered using a commercial address, please provide an alternative e-mail anyway.

Before sending the information we ask you to review the data provided.

New Registration

Consult here your uploaded registration data if you had already uploaded it

In this section you will be able to see all the information previously registered for your registration, including payments.

Consult here your uploaded registration data

Upload here your proof of payment

Upload proof of payment

Student’s poster competition

All the students who attend at least one PhD Course are eligible to participate in the student’s poster competition. The corresponding guidelines can be consulted in the following electronic link (POSTER COMPETITION GUIDELINES)

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